Project Marketing and Sales Services

The experienced team of Brian Lamb Marketing and Associates understands both the challenges and opportunities facing today’s new home builders.

With our number one priority being a trusted, valued relationship with each of our developer clients, we can offer a multi-faceted program designed to focus on the most important aspects of a successful new home development campaign; creative marketing campaigns, hands-on sales performance, rapid absorption levels and profitable results for the developer.

Brian Lamb Marketing and Associates can offer you a professional sales campaign for your development within an efficient period of time, while attaining the best possible prices for you in today’s ever-changing marketplace. Our team brings a wealth of experience to each developer-client relationship, having a combined experience of over three decades successfully marketing and selling a wide variety of different new home communities in all types of market conditions.

Experience certainly brings results…especially in today’s competitive landscape.

We’d like to introduce your company to a different way of doing project marketing and sales…a personalized, detailed approach.

With that said, because our top priority is the value and experience with each of our developer clients, we’re not ever just looking for another project to spend time on. We both need to enjoy working together and to trust each other while doing it.

Our goal for each of our clients is to help position their company and their project to achieve higher levels of performance amidst a sea of other projects.

Let’s meet for coffee and discuss how our team can help your team with the vision for your new developments.